MX record error in DNS for non-English character domain

Hi there!

I have a non-English character domain in Cloudflare. I added MX record in order to use Cloudflare Mail routing service months ago and worked perfectly. However, recently an error message is shown and the Mail routing feature is disabled saying the MX records were misconfigured (I have no settings update since up and running in day one). According to the DNS record in Cloudflare Dashboard, it’s there:

(I have combine the images due to only 1 picture is allowed for new user account here)

I used Google Admin Toolbox to check, the domain can be identified correctly, but no MX records! (It’s available before)

I have no idea what went wrong suddenly, grateful if anyone can enlighten me.

Much appreciate it!


Have a look into our Email Routing - Known Limitations

Email Routing (beta) does not support IDNs. If you are setting up Email Routing from an IDN domain, email delivery might fail.


Thanks AlphaK! That explains why I had everything setup and running normally months ago, but (not totally) fails now even it now says it’s misconfigured.

Do you have plans to support IDN on MX records and Email Routing?


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