MX record entry for separate Mail Server



I am trying to setup our email on an external server separate from where my domain is hosted.

We updated our route53 DNS records.

A record for is

A record for is

  1. Is there any way for Cloudflare to pull them automatically?

  2. or when I did setup the MX record manually in Cloudflare,

MX entry is: MX @ mail handled by

I am getting the " Your MX record exposes your origin IP " error.

I looked at this FAQ page: which link i can not post because i have no permission. but it did not help me unfortunatly.

However, I dont know how to fix the MX record entry in Cloudflare. What is the correct syntax to fix it?

Would be great if anybody could help.
Thanks in advance.


I have a similar setup with web and mail on different IPs. Here’s what my setup looks like – sorry for the poor photoshop job

I think you may need to change that to just ‘mail’ and not ‘

Hope this helps!


Your set up sounds simple and pretty common. If your MX record is pointing to a hostname like then to update which server will receive mail you then need to update the DNS record for itself which in this case is an A record. Here’s a couple of related articles:

How do I add A records?
How do I add or edit mail or MX records?

Once you’ve updated the record you can test which IP is returned publicly by resolving it using a command line tool like dig:

dig MX

You should then see the details of your new server there.