MX record does not show properly


My MX record pointing to shows in the web as

How can I fix this issue? Thank you.

What should it point to? Also, realize that an MX record needs to match the hostname in your email address, which is typically [email protected], so the MX records should be for Not (unless you use [email protected])

Can you post a screenshot of that part of your DNS screen here with the MX record?

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Hello sdayman,

Adjoined to this email I am sending you my DNS screen for you to see.

Thank you.

And Best Regards,

Jose Franc

I see an alert on that entry. What does it tell you?

I also see that your ‘mail’ “A” record is set to :orange:. It needs to be set to :grey:. Cloudflare does not proxy mail services (IMAP/POP/SMTP).

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The dc hosts are automatically generated for e.g. MX records when the target host is proxied, in order not to stop mail traffic for example. You could either unproxy your mail record or keep it the way it is now, either should be fine.

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