Mx Record Dns Propagation error

Althought i point mx record but it propaget as

thats why i can’t send any email.

Unproxy your two mail records.

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Now what i do in this situation

You unproxy the two records as I just said.

sorry i can’t understan you sentence. Please tell me brief as i follow your intruction step by step

Did you use the search, respectively check out #tutorials? There’s even a dedicated tutorial about that.

i see but i don’t understand yet. Did you try to mean that cloudfare doesn’t proxy this record, it only dns record? if your answer possitive you say how i fix this problem.

That’s exactly what I meant by unproxy.

Now what i do?

We are going in circles. As I already mentioned twice you need to unproxy the records. Plus I referred you to the search and the tutorials section as that is covered there anyhow.

give me a direct url

The solution was posted thrice already, plus further materials were mentioned. I believe a bit of an initiative on your part is not asked too much. This topic has been discussed endlessly. I would suggest you check out the mentioned resources.

your answer should be “if you set your mail record only dns then your problem solve” but your say Unproxy your two mail records.

Language should esay & understandable because every body not expert as you

Thanks to co-operative