MX Record Correct? Not Receiving Emails

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Can someone please assist me to make sure our MX is set up correctly for our company domain?

our company domain registrar is deluxe or aplus (they go by both).

I am unable to talk to someone at Cloudflare since we arent paying thousands of dollars for our plan and our registrar says this is something I need to talk to cloudflare about.

I copied our MX records from our registrar exactly as listed onto our clouldflare DNS records. Is this correct or am i missing something? I am able to send emails but have issues receiving emails from certain domains.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

my domain is

Your MX record doesn’t seem to have anything in it.

dig +short mx

Also the DNS records for your site aren’t proxied so Cloudflare is being a DNS only for your site, and a wildcard which is returning for everything (including your MX it seems).


Thank you but how do I make them proxied? When I turn on proxy for cloudflare the DNS records dont match up to our registrar and they see different IPs so when we have any issues they say they cant help us until the record IPs match so i had to turn the proxy off for cloudflare so that the DNS record IPS match.

This is how my MX records look on both our registrar and on cloudflare:

I am not an IT person at all. This has all been handed down to me to figure out how to fix after our company’s old owner died and he had all this information. Then our domain was shut down for 60 days and our email and website isnt working and becuase i dont pay thousands of dollars for a cloudflare subscription I cant speak to anyone at cloudflare so this is my last resort and my registrar says I have to talk to cloudflare so they are also no help.

Anything to help me out would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the MX records that I copied from my registrar directly to cloudflare. They are identical.

You have copied the priority into the hostname, the hostname should just be @ and show as in the dashboard.

You have setup mail for, etc.

dig +short mx

Okay. I will update it and hopefully it works! Thank you!

That worked! Thank you so much!

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