MX record conundrum


Cloudflare is telling me “An MX record was not found for your root domain.”, yet the MX record is there. It is not a time thing as I’ve left it for days without success.

Really need to get this sorted soon. All help welcome. Thank you


Nothing MXish here. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings? Redact IP address if necessary.

Thank you Sandro, is it possible to pm you about this?

I am afraid no. Just paste the screenshot here and blur out IP addresses you dont want to be in the public.

The issue is how you named the MX record. Replace mx with @ and it should work.


That has opened it up. I knew it was something small!! lol Thank you so much for your help sandro! I could hug you lol Thank you

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You have the same issue with your TXT record.

And you didn’t censor the domain in the first record and the image title, so… remove that post…

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Thanks! I just changed txt to @ too. As I had mentioned the domain in replying to you earlier, I thought it was safe to show it. Deleted both there now just to be sure.

It is safe to show, there is no problem with the domain.

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