MX record Changing back to old RECORD

Account Dash Ticket - Each time I change my MX record on the. dashboard, after 5 - 8 hours it reverts to what it was

Due to this, I cannot receive emails. How do I fix this?

Do you use Ezoic or another integration with Cloudflare?

You can check the audit log to see the changes - I imagine this will be some 3rd party you’ve granted access to your account. If you no longer want that integration, change your password and rotate your API keys.

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Hello domjh,

I use Ezoic with Cloudflare. How fix it?

Ezoic will be the ones changing this then. Either you add the record with them and continue to use their integration or you change your password and API keys and stop using them.

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I can see that at Ezoic backend it is showing the old one…I will have to update it and get back to us.

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Thank you domjh for the assistance. Issued resolved.

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