MX record being encrypted by Cloudflare server?

Is there a reason why my MX records are being encrypted by Cloudflare servers?

Do you mean that the MX record is saying dc-XXXXX, instead of the value you put in?

This happens when the target of your MX record is a hostname which is :orange: on the DNS tab of the dashboard. Cloudflare do not proxy SMTP/email, so if they did not make this change you would not receive email at all.

Ensure that the target of your MX record is configured :grey: on the dashboard.


Hi Michael,

No. The MX record reads mail.hostname with DNS Only - but there’s no cloud icon.

I was told the reason I can’t log in to my mail server accounts after changing the passwords is because the records are being encrypted by the Cloudflare server.


Do you also have an A record for mail.hostname?

Is it :orange: or :grey:?

The A record is mail but not mail.hostname and that is DNS Only with gray cloud.

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