Mx record and email



my email [email protected] do not work cause is to point to host server after set mx record and point to ip
what i should do


You need to point it to a host which points to your actual email server.

i do not understand very well


Your domain is not even hosted with Cloudflare.


could you provide any steps i fallow


Again, your domain is not hosted with Cloudflare.


yes it host by hostgator


So you need to conact your hoster. This forum is for Cloudflare related questions.


they told me mx record does not point to host and they told me to connect the cloudflare


They are wrong. They are your service provider and they need to deliver whatever is part of the service. Cloudflare is not involved here.


agent ask me May I please ask if you want to point your DNS and MX records to your HostGator account?
do i say yes


am afraid to tell you that if you are having an issue with your DNS and MX records you may need to contact cloudflare for this issue. We can only support you with your DNS and MX records if you want to use your the one we are offering to your hosting. Meanwhile, if you just updated your DNS and MX records, it will not work automatically. It takes 24 to 48 hours before name server changes are fully propagated, as networks around the world update with your domains new DNS information. Until then, some traffic may go to the old name server(s), please be patient once name server changes are made as this is normal


agent told me


Can you explain to me where Cloudflare comes into the picture?


DNS and MX records ?


How? Where is Cloudflare involved?



Manage your Domain Name System (DNS) settings

DNS Records



And Cloudflare shows up where?