MX not properly working with Aruba italian ISP

We are encountering some serious troubles in configuring Cloudflare Service.
From Aruba ISP services we have been suggested to activate your services, but from yesterday 24 march 2021, about at 11:40 CET, we are unable to receive email on our domain.

MX field is set as asked, pointing to as you can read in their help page:

but nevertheless we are facing a not-coming mail situation.
Sending mail works properly.

What have we to do?

Thanks in advance,
Massimo Petrossi

What you set is seemingly the POP3 server from where you fetch your emails, not the server where emails should be sent to.

MX Records | mentions some “mail” host but that’s something you need to clarify with your host, but I am pretty sure your current configuration is not right for aforementioned reason.

Contact your host and clarify which hostname is responsible for receiving emails and set that hostname in your MX record(s).

Should “” be actually the right hostname, then your MX setup would be correct and the issue was with your mail provider.

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