MX not found and host name itself is used for site_rud


we send letters to the site with such DNS records

site_ru. 17202 IN A 193.35..
site_ru. 21600 IN NS ns1_reg_ru.
site_ru. 21600 IN NS ns2_reg_ru.
site_ru. 21600 IN SOA ns1_reg_ru. hostmaster_ns1_reg_ru. 1667375766 14400 3600 604800 10800
site_ru. 20987 IN MX 10 mx_yandex_ru.

When sending, the server gives an error message:

<[email protected]_ru> failed. Could not connect to host site_ru [193.35..].

MX not found and host name itself is used for site_ru.

The DNS of our site (A and MX) is registered on Cloudflare

mailing address <[email protected]_ru> receives mail from everywhere except us
mail comes from us to everyone except <[email protected]_ru>

where could be the problem?

Cloudflare is not involved in the sending of emails, so I am afraid you need to contact your mail provider.

mail provider says: “Try contacting Cloudflare technical support”

I am afraid that’s incorrect, Cloudflare does not handle email.

What’s the domain? And you have an issue when you send email, right?

Your server administrator should determine why the server sending the mail isn’t using the correct Mx record. That likely needs to be accomplished on the server generating the email.

This message would suggest it is connecting to the naked domain and if that is proxied it would not work, however that’s not related to Cloudflare either and the message would not be correct either as it does not mention the proxy address.

In short, something here is off and either the posted output is not correct or you were given some incorrect information. In any case, I am afraid Cloudflare cannot fix that.

damn… i’m the admin
and I don’t know why our server does not see the MX record for this particular domain
already broke my head

What’s the domain?


That domain is not using Cloudflare to begin with.

our domain mgnp_info

You have a proper MX record for mail and that’s where email should go. If they send it to, then it won’t arrive as that is proxied, but again you have a proper MX record. You need to take this up with the person sending the email, neither Cloudflare nor your mail host will be able to help you here I am afraid.

mail comes to us
and leaves us, but this is the only domain where letters do not arrive, returning an error

Then they need to fix this on their end, that does not seem to be an issue with your domain. Even the listed IP address is not correct.

and Cloudflare doesn’t have any blacklists?
which do not allow to determine the MX record for that domain?

As I mentioned, Cloudflare does not handle email in the first place.

I understand
I will investigate further
maybe I’ll come back later


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