MX name validity

Hi, I have a problem with MX name validity.
IntoDNS gives an error

MX name validity The MX records that do not seem valid hostname:
This can cause problems

Cant figured how to solve that

If you point your MX record to a hostname that’s :orange: Proxied by Cloudflare, Cloudflare will rewrite it to a record that resolves to the origin IP address. Cloudflare does not proxy email connections.

This indicates a less than ideal setup, as MX records should point to a dedicated email hostname, such as

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Sorry for my ignorance. You mind to look like this - Nimbus Capture

That was unexpected. Your ‘mail’ hostname is :grey: DNS Only.

Can you confirm that the bottom of your DNS page shows Arnold and Kiki as the two name servers assigned to you?

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It looks like that DNS record is stuck. Checking the Arnold name server, that record is proxied.

Can you edit the DNS record for ‘mail’ and toggle it to :orange:, then back to :grey:?

Please how can toggle it - Nimbus Capture :worried:

Try the “A” record for ‘mail’.

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