MX Auto DNS only

I am getting this from SEO for my site and I have no clue how to fix it and I have tried, read, etc.
Email Protection | Cloudflare Blocked (Robots Meta Tag)

Which email I do not know. My site’s email is {redacted}

How can I fix this, please

Thank you

May I ask did you run some SEO audit tools or?

I haven’t got a report such as this one even with SEO PowerSuite or some online SEO tools/scanners.

Neitehr got that URL crawled/indexed.

It seems to me you have got the Email Address Obfuscation option enabled for your domain at the Cloudflare dashboard.

I believe you shouldn’t be worrying, neither it’s something to fix and a bad thing for lower SEO score having this enabled.

Kindly, consider reading the below article for more information about this option, how it works and how it protects your e-mail mailbox from bots/spammers when you have exposed your e-mail address on your Website.

It’s very useful, I would not recommend disabling it, rather keeping it enabled :slight_smile:

Neither I see any logic behind it, why you are trying to, or what is the tool trying to achieve by, neither why is the tool scanning your mail and MX record and adding some score/ creating a report for it in terms of a SEO? It should only work for your main domain name, not this as far as I am familiar with SEO.

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