MX Leaking?

Hi there,
I’m trying to verify my help email address via facebook but no matter what it’s not coming through. But, it does come through to my other (irreverent) email inboxes. So, I’m thinking it’s an MX error which apparently just threw me under China’s Radar as “Spam” (oh, lucky me… :c), can anyone please help me patch this leak? I cant figure out what’s wrong with it but Cloudflare does say “An A, AAAA, CNAME, or MX record is pointed to your origin server exposing your origin IP address.” but I’m not sure how to fix it…

Any/All advice will be extremely supported.

Thanks in advance!

I suggest you move to yandex mail servers as a radical solution. Can you share your MX Records with me? Are the dns records in the hosting panel and the Cloudflare dns records the same for mail?

Hello Slvmr,
I can not move to any other mail server because I’ve already deployed based on this algorithm I have setup for my app. I think facebook is filtering throughout China before sending their Emails hence why it must be filtered/failed to receive. I’m not sure though, I’ve launched a bunch of analytics and I can’t find any ill reasons for any of the leak anywhere. All I see is that it’s failing in China because apparently Cloudflare detected an attack from that region. I want to mend all issues that way I can continue to serve globally.

I’m designing a Social Network and I must be in great scores in all countries. I enable all countries to communicate with me from any aspect and I mend all issues as soon as possible with the highest priority. But, I’m not exactly sure where it’s failing from.

Everything is suppose to be the same, the current web-host I’m using that’s operating my MX is also hosting my entire network. So, any difficulty would result in the whole network failing?

I really wish I could understand how to ask China to remove me from their Spam Filter also, it’s so bizarre.

You’re right. E-mail communication should fail completely if there is an error. So did you set your spf,dkim and dmarc records? If you have a spam problem you must set them, especially spf record.
Also check your ip adress for blacklist from here: Email Blacklist Check - IP Blacklist Check - See if your server is blacklisted

That’s exactly what it’s saying… SPF but I do have SPF support. Is there a way I can fix it? One passes but one fails. I’m also not sure, I think the leak is coming from my web-host or Cloudflare’s DNS.

Check it for me, please and let me know if you know any way I can fix the leak.

I want to get out of China’s Spam Filter.
I need to replenish all strengths.

Thanks so much!

Hello again,
i check it and i didn’t see any spf,dkim record. If you don’t have these, your e-mails cannot pass through the filter.

You can generate your spf from here: SPF Record Generator - MxToolBox

You can learn your dkim at your hosting panel (i dunno, which panel you using) or you can contact your hosting provider or try to generate with a dkim generator.

I think the whole problem is due to these shortcomings. In order to solve these problems, you need to do a short research on the internet.

Read these articles:

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Thanks for that, I’m not sure if I’m setting it up right. Apparently DKIM was already enabled on my web-host but SPF wasn’t. So, I enabled SPF, my web-host told me that the DKIM and SPF passed. When I went to test my domain’s SPF at SPF Query Tool it said that it passed (I added the DNS Record SPF that my web-host provided me and I named it spf (I’m not sure if it should be my domain name)) then after a while it started saying that there’s no valid SPF Record. I then went online to test the DKIM Record that was already under my DNS default._domainkey it said that my DKIM is valid at DKIM Validator - dmarcian.

Maybe I have to wait for it to propagate?
If there’s anything else I need to know/do, please let me know.

I honestly do feel as if this is the solution to my problem and I really appreciate your support.
It means a lot to me.


I saw that they have been added, but I see that there is no ssl in the smtp server. Did you do an e-mail test after making these changes? Do an e-mail test for china and do a spam test from here (do with a few paragraph text)

If the email test fails for China, try use SSL for smtp

So, it was saying I had a very… Very… Low score because I was black listed and it says that my DKIM and DMARC stuff isn’t “valid”. I’m using my Windows 10 Mail App, that’s one of the few I’d rather operate my Mail from and my iPhone 6. So, I got the score up and I got my MX removed from the one blacklist I was on (my web-host) so thanks for that. I couldn’t find a way to check my service with China, I tried so much they wanted me to pay. Lol.

I currently have the invalid DKIM and DMARC thing while working from the email I’m having problems with, 2 DNS and 3 Mail Server “Warnings” maybe that’s the problem cause I’m not using TLS? I’m not sure how to enable that? Everything’s setup here on Cloudflare. Any idea?

Here’s the current report (not including why ever it’s saying it’s “invalid”): Domain Health


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