MX Issues?


I am having issues receiving emails sent to my domain email addresses. I’ve talked to my hosting provider and they said the issue most likely lies with Cloudflare.

They said the issue was with the MX configuration not being right?

The issue is that the domain email addresses either do not receive the emails at all or if the do they quickly disappear?

My question is what configuration should the MX and all concerning DNS configurations should I have to get this to work, so that I receive emails sent to the domain email addresses?



Whats the domain?

“Quickly disappear”?

Your MX records records are probably correct, but if your MX record points to a server on your domain, it gets a bit trickier with Cloudflare.

All three have this issue, haven’t tried with my other domain names yet.

The MX records do point to a server on the domains.

I’ve viewed this YouTube video and have changed the MX records to include the “mail” before the domain names in mail handled by…

They all point to mail hosts of their respective domains, which all point to the same 50.xxxx address. Is that the correct mail server?

Yes, that is the address I find in the cpanel records.

Adding the “mail” in front of the domain names doesn’t seem to have done anything.

So the setup should be correct as far as I can tell and mail should be sent to the right destination. What did you mean by “quickly disappear”?

When I send a test email from gmail it seems to appear for a few moments and then disappears as if v=never there.

That is most likely something for your host to investigate then.

Do you forward your emails to somewhere? How do you access them? Via a mail client or webmail?

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I do not have any forwarding on these particular email address, I do have IFTTT scripts to forward emails from these addresses to my websites to be deposited as drafts.

But the emails are not there to be forwarded and do not appear in my websites as drafts.

That’s a valid mail server. It’s running SMTP and POP.

Here’s a tool I use to watch an email get sent:

Put your MX server in the box for SMTP server, and your valid email address.

I’ll try this.

OK, message received and then disappeared, when trying to load it the error message appeared saying that the message cannot be loaded?

Not sure what to make of it?

Could it be you have some other job running which fetches and removes the email?

Have you tried checking your mail with the webmail interface?

Non that I know of. I thought of that and looked into it, didn’t find anything.

No scripts saying delete from server.

Nothing is getting delivered in any case?

Maybe temporarily change your password, so anything else would fail upon authentication and cant possibly remove it.

How do you access your mails?

Postie a WP plugin uses the password associated with the email account and that is it. IFTTT doesn’t need the password, it just emails to the email address.

But like I said postie isn’t finding any emails at the email account to collect and post as drafts.

I can disable postie and see if emails stay put?

Well, if you say the email arrives but then disappears, it would make me think of someting that accesses it simultaneously and fetches/removes it while you were still trying to load it. Thats not Cloudflare related and - unless there is something obscure going on - most likely not even related to your hosting provider and/or its mail server. I guess only trial and error will lead you to a solution.

Well I disable the WP plugin posie and the test email seems to be staying put. Maybe it is the plugin bu then IFTTT doesn’t seem to be posting the emails either (that could be a different issue though now that I think of it).

So, yes trial an error seems to be the only way to find a complete solution.

The email still hasn’t disappeared. I’ll have to look into the postie plugin as part of the culprit.

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Thanks for helping me work through some of this!