MX issues 2

Thank you very much.
But I noticed one other issue still persists.

Please how can I solve all this dns error?

For the MX issue, simply unproxy your mail entry. You will need to contact your host for the other PTR issue.


It is currently unproxied

Not the MX entry, the entry it is pointing to.

Sorry, I don’t understand

Post a screenshot of your DNS entries and redact the IP addresses.

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The naked domain is proxied, you need to unproxy that if you do not want to receive that warning message.


But that means the naked will no longer be protected by cloudflare security

That is correct.

Is there any other solution?

Or can I delete the MX and add another one?

You can use another hostname, but it will still have to be unproxied.

Take a look at Email Troubleshooting for more details.


You mean the naked domain will have to be unproxied?

The hostname you want to use for the MX entry needs to be unproxied if you do not want to receive that warning message.


Thank you very much.
I think I’ll just leave it like that.

You shouldn’t run email on the naked domain name, or any hostname that runs web service. Email should be on its own hostname, so that you can proxy the web service through Cloudflare. (And for a long list of other reasons.)

You should use a separate hostname for all email service.

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There is not an issue per se using the naked domain for the MX entry. It all depends on the OP’s configuration.

But ideally, yeah, it should be split and maybe even a dedicated mail service.

Since MX is only related to Email, I think I’ll leave it like that

So as not to affect the web speed

There is if you want to proxy it.

I typically use the server’s actual hostname as the MX, but a dedicated name would be fine. The naked domain, in today’s internet, should be for the website. (Remember when this whole “web” thing was a fad and we relegated it onto a separate “www” host? :joy: We’re still suffering for that…)

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