Mx issue - MX does appear

Hi everyone,
i am not tech savvy at all.
i have just create a new domain. i would like to add it to cloudfare
my issue is:
MX is not appearing
Text is not proxied

How can i solve those issues.

thanks for your help.

Hi @user3309,

I’m not sure what you mean by this. MX records are used for email and your mail provider should be able to give you the records required, you can then add therm in your Cloudflare dashboard.

Hi Domjh,

I think there is something i miss here.

Let’s say i purchase a domain. Then i link the domain to cloudfare. when adding the domain cloudfaire should find things like A / CNAME / MX / TXT/…

The MX is missing in the list and the TXT is not proxied.

So when can i have the email provider as you explained?

thanks to advice.


Most likely that means that you didn’t have an MX record with your old DNS provider. Do you have emails for that domain? If so, your email host should be able to provide the content of the MX record you require.

Hi when i sent you the previous message , i tried on another device and they are all appearing now.

But they are not proxied as the A and the CNAME. Should i worry?

I am about to use Zoho to add an email account to this domain. workable?

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