Mx dns records failed


I have searched for the mx-entries, but nothing could helped me. The Diagnostic Center tells me “The domain doesn’t have an MX record.”

My Domain-Hoster is UnitedDomains and they said, I should use

mx00. udag. de and mx01.udag. de OR
smx00. udag. de and smx01. udag. de (ignore the spaces)

I added 2 entries:
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This didn’t works. Then I tried the following:

I can send emails, but not receive anything.

Does anyone have an idea whats wrong?

Thank you and best regards

Which nameservers are listed below the DNS records?

These nameservers are listed below:

But they didn’t works. I have called UnitedDomains and we checked it in DENIC NAST:

so I have inserted jerry and lina as nameserver. UnitedDomains didn’t accepted dean and marlowe, but jerry and lina works.

In that case you are configuring the wrong account. The domain is already active on one with the nameservers jerry and lina.

Can you use that other account? If not, you will have to point the domain to the new servers, however that is always a bit tricky as the German registry is trying to validate the nameservers.

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Okay, I understand the problem. But I don’t know how I can fix that.

Is it possible that cloudflare changes the nameserver in my account to jerry and lina? Or do you mean I should delete the site in cloudflare and re-register it?

The first question is whether you can use that other account. Yes or no?

If no, can you at least remove the domain from the account?

No I cannot use the other account.

I will change the nameserver back to the old one in UnitedDomains and then I will try to remove the domain from the account and re-create it. At this way I hope I get new nameservers in cloudflare which will works.

In that case you should check out Can’t set nameservers - (Inconsistent Set of NS / Nameserver not authoritative) however option #1 won’t work for you. You can only follow through on either #2 or #3.

Of course you can change the nameservers back to your host’s too and simply wait until Cloudflare drops the domain from the previous account, but it will most likely drop it from the new account as well. So you’ll have to re-add it at that point.

Okay, I will try it.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


the problem is cleared.

I have inserted a new dns entry on UnitedDomains:

Type: txt
Info: Please delete old Cloudflare setups

and then Cloudflare was able to delete the old setup.

Thank you for your help.

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