MX DNS record

MX record is not accepting the Proper name according to hosting provider

What is the proper name according to your hosting provider?
Can you provide more details example of MX records and any error message/code you get.

i can see a red symbol in side of mx record and i showing: the record exposes the ip behind which you have proxied through cloudflare

Are you just getting ready to move your DNS to Cloudflare?

You have two relevant records. An MX record pointing to, and an A or CNAME record for The record for needs to be :grey:, as Cloudflare will not proxy SMTP traffic.

For protocols that Cloudflare does not support, this is perfectly normal. In general, any records for protocols other than HTTP/HTTPS need to be :grey:, such as SMTP and FTP.

If you do not :grey: the target of your MX record Cloudflare will do a trick to make a new dummy DNS record, and expose it anyway otherwise SMTP will not work.

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