MX DNS Not Actvited

MX (DNS Only | auto TTL)
What is This

My Site Is Not Improved

My site is improvement Ither Not impovement

Are you looking to set up MX records? It should not be the root domain.

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Hi @odialive1,

As @Cyb3r-Jak3 said, your MX record should not point to your root domain as that is proxied through Cloudflare, If your mail is not working, I would suggest switching your record for from :orange: to :grey: and changing your MX record so mail is handled by and see if that works.

An MX record is for mail delivery. Not sure what site improvement you were looking for with regards to your mail delivery. Could you perhaps provide some more detail of what you are trying to achieve, what problem you believe you have and steps to reproduce?


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