MX DNS for E-Mail gets kicked out after a short time


i just added the MX DNS for E-Mail. After a while it works but then after a short time, the record isnt there anymore in the dns and i cant get e-mails.

What can cause this error?

Thank you

May I ask if the content value for MX record is pointed to a hostname (DNS record) at Cloudflare which is :orange: cloud? (like A mail pointed to an IPv4 address)

To make sure your e-mail would work fine while having your Website proxied via Cloudflare, kindly re-check if you have an A mail record and make sure it is :grey: cloud (DNS only).

On the below article are steps required to make sure your e-mail works, kindly check here:

Or, do you use some external e-mail services like Google Suite?

What do you mean by “gets kicked out”?

I mean when i go back to the cloudflare dns section the mx record isnt there anymore after a while.

Are you using a cloudflare IP for the record?

no my hoster is all inkl

I also have few websites using all-inkl having kasserver value for MX record and a CNAME too.

thanks i will do it like this;)

Just make sure to check what you were given for your domain from all-inkl. Or write at their support to provide you the correct one :wink: (could depend if using shared web hosting or a dedicated server)

Can i show here a screenshot on how i did it? Or can sb hack my account with this data?

Well, you just do not share a login credentials, credit card number, passowrd, username if you are willing to do it.

Moreover, if the screenshot contains sensitive data, you can mask/hide/mark it.

Example of MX record configuration for help can be found here:

It should look similar to this at Cloudflare DNS dashboard.

This is how i did it now

From above links, MX is good.
You can go with A mail or CNAME mail.

Either go with A mail and IP address if you know it.

But from my experience over 3 years with all-inkl, they know to change IP addresses, so I would recommend to remove current A mail record and create new one CNAME mail with content value while having that CNAME mail :grey: cloud (DNS only) in your case. :slight_smile:

It should be like this:

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Like this?

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Perfect - working for my domains like that.

Also, make sure to check all-inkl website (below link) to add SPF and DKIM records too.

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You are using Ezoic, and have given them API access to your CF account. Use the Ezoic dashboard to manage your DNS records.

This means that any DNS updates required to match the records found at the host need to be made within the Ezoic Dashboard first! These changes will then automatically propagate into Cloudflare.

Note: This will not work the other way around as any changes made at Cloudflare would just be overwritten by Ezoic.


I dont know what SPF and DKIM is but i ask the support.

this must be the reason why it works but just a short time and after that it dosent work anymore. I will manage it with ezoic

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No problem, I believe you would learn about them and the benefits of having them added too, soon if not right now at the moment.


Thank your everyone. Have a great day!

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