MX and TXT DNS records keep reverting

We are attempting to set up our first business email and are having trouble with the MX and TXT DNS records.

They keep reverting back to the old ones without our permission… very frustrating.

Records indicate IP address Amazon AWS located in Ashburn, Virginia is doing it.

We’ve changed them twice now and they have reverted back twice again - our audit log confirms this.

Our issue is very similar to this:

However, we are not technically proficient enough to figure out how to remedy this problem.

Can someone please point us in the right direction? Cloudflare support doesn’t seem to be easy to contact about this issue.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. If you subscribe to a plan that includes support tickets, you can find how to create them along with response expectations on this page. Depending on your subscription, response time may take five days. Posting in the Community will often provide faster results.

What user or API credentials does your audit log indicate was used to make the changes? Whoever you have shared those credentials with is going to be the source of the unwanted changes.

Do you use Ezoic? Once you integrate with Ezoic, all of your DNS changes need to occur in their platform as they automatically update your Cloudflare records to match theirs.

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