MX and Root Domain

My DNS says
Add an MX record for your root domain so that mail can reach
Instructions please ? What do I type in ?

My website is extremely erratic, sometimes superfast, sometimes not loading at all ? “Think” I have the DNS setup wrong…

Hello there,

For the MX record, you need to find them from your hosting.

Cloudflare is my host.

Or do you mean like Googlemail ?

Are you using Google services for email?


I just did this and got mo errors showing, have I got it correct please /

DNS only


Sorry… I assume I’m wrong

NO errors that should read, sorry !

Don’t tell me I got it right at last ?!! Practise makes perfect…Thanks for your valued time and help, again !

Did you check? Is it working fine?

YES !!! Wowee ! Just hope it remains stable, speed is VERY erratic sometimes superfast then 20 seconds or more to load.
Maybe this is what was needed. Cheers !

Wow… That’s awesome
Cheers :grinning:

Now it says add an SPF and DMARC policy wizard wotsit…will give it a try later. Wine time here, Sliante !!

You can add that from the DNS section itself. Check the option that says Email Security. You’ll be able to configure it automatically

Think I managed to configure things, Thanks so much once again !

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