[email protected] 2020 Nominations

[email protected] recognizes individuals in the Cloudflare community for their contributions to customers and partners of Cloudflare that benefit the Cloudflare ecosystem. We want to know from you, who in the Cloudflare Community should be a part of [email protected]?

[email protected] launched in 2018 to recognize Cloudflare Community leaders that help other users on the Community forums, at industry events, and on social media. Today, the program continues to grow along with Cloudflare and the Cloudflare Community.

And, today is one of my personal favorite days of the year. Today we open nominations for 2020 MVPs!

Even before announcing the program for 2020, we received 7 un-solicited nominations. Those are really appreciated and thank you. You don’t need to repeat those, we’ve got them. But, we want to make sure that everyone on the Community is aware of the program and the nomination process.

The [email protected] Ask

  • Skill - demonstrated knowledge of Cloudflare feature detail with demonstrated experience using Cloudflare
  • Contribution - help other Cloudflare users on the Community Forum and social channels
  • Outspoken - Respected Cloudflare champion


  • Identifiable contributions to the Cloudflare Community such as posts, articles, testimonials, blogs, community mentoring, and social promotion
  • Contribution of Worker Recipes
  • Community contributions that enable self-support
  • Contribute locally to Cloudflare by hosting meetups and Cloudflare Community events
  • Advocate and support the development of Cloudflare skills

Selection Process

  • Individuals nominated by any Cloudflare employee, Cloudflare Customer, or Cloudflare Community Member
  • Nominations accepted on an on-going basis
  • An MVP nomination team from community, product management, sales, solution engineering and support review the nominations and notify selected members

Nomination Process

  • All MVP nominations are welcome at any time, we’ll be reaching out to the first set of 2020 MVPs in February, so earlier the better!
  • Submit your nomination along with a brief statement that explains the reason for the recognition. These can be submitted via:
  1. For users with sufficient Community Trust Level, via a private message to @cloonan
  2. Via email to community AT cloudflare DOT com with a subject of 2020 MVP

Comments, questions, and nominations are welcome and appreciated.

The Cloudflare Community Team


I am delighted to announce our 2020 [email protected] members!

The MVP class of 2020 was selected from nominations from the Community. Thank you and welcome to:

The new MVPs join our existing MVPs:



Welcome, new MVPs! Thank you for the extra assistance!


Nice one! Congrats and welcome on bord! :champagne:



Thank you guys!!



@dmz @michael @thedaveCA @thomas4 @shimi

congrats to all ! Some of those usernames look familiar :smiley:


Your username looks familiar too :wink:

Thanks all!


@eva2000 your username is familiar to me, you are great!!!
Others usernames also are familiars to me :slight_smile:


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