Mutiple sites being blocked by CF

This is more of a “where to get support” question. We have identified, and the list is growing, at least 10 websites that throw up a block page for some individuals.

Going by the network error in browser tools, and my captures the traffic is prob getting out as far as the edge location of the cloud network. I support a large corporate network using several proxy VIP’s and a new one using a cloud-based model. Regardless of which network, which proxy I force or bypass, some people continuously get blocked where I cannot reproduce the problem.

Going by the random nature, across multiple sites and from multiple internal subnets I feel this issue might be a baseline rule and not necessarily tuned specifically per company.

Question is, do we open a case with CF or contact the companies individually? Because the companies have no idea what to do. I have all of the publicly facing IP ranges as well as the externall URL’s we can share in the case if needed.

The best way is to gather the Ray-IDs of the blocked requests and send them to the companies showing the block page. They will be able to check their WAF events to see what rule triggered the block.

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