Must upgrade to Pro to allow extra UDP Ports?

Hello, I run a game server that requires me to have certain ports open, I was looking into it and from what I can tell if I upgrade to Pro that will give me access to “Cloudflare Spectrum” and I will be able to allow extra ports from there?

Sorry for the stupid question, I am new to Cloudflare and wanted to ask before I started paying 20$ monthly for something I can’t use

It only allows for Minecraft (TCP Port 25565), and gets expensive fast.

The default plan only allows 25565? Or Spectrum with Pro plan does?

From what I can see at, CF Pro only allows Spectrum on SSH, and Minecraft ports. For CF Business plan you also get RDP ports. For other ports other than SSH, RDP, Minecraft i.e. UDP, you need Enterprise plan.

From my CF Business plan I get only


My CF Enterprise plans adds UDP support


So there is no way I could go about using Cloudflare with my domain if I run a game server that needs UDP port 19132 opened? I see that you can choose the application type “UDP”, what options does that give?..

other than upgrading to enterprise obviously but I don’t have that sort of money…

Yeah no way other than CF Enterprise plan. You might need to use another 3rd party DDOS mitigation service which can support GRE tunnel setups to cover your gaming servers.

Ok… That sucks. what does your “UDP” option do though? because under “Application Type”, I see UDP…

See and and

From what I am reading it sounds like it would work for me? and apparently TCP Protocols even work for SSH, gaming protocols and FTP services…

ports are fixed for SSH, RDP, HTTP, HTTPS etc. TCP can change ports as can UDP on Enterprise.


Dude wdyem there is a “UDP” and “TCP” option in your selection, are you saying that you just cannot use them?..

Yes you can use TCP on all plans. UDP only on Enterprise plans

Ok… I don’t see why’d they’d show that you can select it then but whatever ig

when you select TCP

when you select UDP on Enterprise

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