Multislashes redirect not working

I have a WP application that is connected to Cloudflare. When I enter a URL with multislashes, for example, I don’t redirect to /, but I added redirect rules to .htaccess. I made a clone of my application and ran it as staging on the same server. Only the domain name has changed and now there is no connection with Cloudflare. Redirect rules are working in staging. What could be the reason for this behaviour? How can I setup Cloudflare to redirect from multislashes to single slash?

Have you tried to implement Cloudflare normalization? It has as a feature the merging of forward slashes into one. It won’t redirect though, but instead rewrite the path, so the browser will still have the multi-slash URL, while the origin receives the normalized request.

Thank you. This option was enabled. I disable it to get not normalized link, but situation not changed. May be need more time.