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I am new to CF and hoping someone can answer couple of my questions.

On my server I am running WHM/CPanel. I have around 100 sites which have different cpanel accounts and of course different URLs. They all share the same server IP. Questions:

  1. Can I create jsut one CF account and in the DNS management section of CF just list a separate A and CNAME type for each domain since they all have the same IP?

  2. I’d like to use the Web Application Firewall feature of CF but it requires Pro account at $20. This can get pricey with 100 domains/websites. Is it possible to set up WAF with server IP address so it protects the entire server?

Thanks for your help.

Cloudflare zones and plans apply to individual domains. And the WAF goes along with that. It protects by hostname, which is part of your domain.

The server IP address is irrelevant to Cloudflare. Only the actual domain counts. So you can’t pile a bunch of domains into a single domain’s Pro plan, even with CNAMEs. There are other Cloudflare options, but those are even more expensive.

Thanks for your quick reply. That’s what I figured. One more question. I have a website For the same site I have another domain that directs to the same site. Do i still need two separate accounts?

You can have both of them on one account. No need for separate account.
But, if there is some reason to, you can.
You can pay for example Business plan for one domain, and use the Free or Pro on the other. Or even some else combination.

Also, good to mention, you can add an additional, one or more sub-accounts to allow other people access under yours if needed.
Or, make for each client new one and then add yourself as “sub-account” with right to manage theirs.
But, in that case, even Enterprise or Saas would be good to consider.

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