Multiple users receive "CF_REGISTRATION_MISSING" when attempting to register


Recently setup Cloudflare Warp for to be able to remote into systems in our office. We have users in the UTC+5:30 time zone. Trying to register and connect. All users continue to receive the following error:


We’ve tried clearing cache of affected systems and attempting to re-register only to receive the same message. Reinstalls of warp performed and tried reviewing WARP-GUI.log inside affected users %localappdata%\clouflare

Cloudflare client is the latest version. I’ve cleared the docs page here mentioning CF_REGISTRATION_MISSING and attempted the steps for the resolution. The one thing missing is #3 which is “Re-Authenticate Session” which is not listed, presumably because it’s failing to register in the first place. I’ve attempted to have the end user reset settings as well.

Any suggestions?

I’ve dug through numerous threads here in the community.

I’ve confirmed with the end user that their Firewall doesn’t appear to be blocking any traffic from or to cloudflare services.

I am not positive if the previous application that they had used, “Sonicwall NetExtender” had been uninstalled before the install of WARP. I’ve asked the individual to uninstall that if it still exists, then uninstall WARP and clear out the cloudflare folder under %localappdata%.

I’m still unsure if there’s a problem with trying to register with WARP within the UTC+5:30 timezone which is India / Sri Lanka.

All the users attempting to register through WARP are enrolling with a One Time Pin that was setup as the authentication/enrollment method.

Logs within the ZeroTrust dashboard for the team, indicate that all of their requests for login and Enrollment are succeeding. When trying to then open WARP on the page after authentication/enrollment, this is where the CF_REGISTRATION_MISSING" is coming into play.

They’ve uninstalled the older software and confirmed that has not worked. I’ve also asked those users to uninstall the client, clear the cloudflare folder under the window’s user’s %localappdata%, reboot, and download the latest version which they already were using.

Still no luck. I’m asking them to try connecting to another VPN and then attempt to Enroll and see if that helps at all.