Multiple TXT Values for _amazonses

Hi All,

I use Amazon SES to send some emails as my domain. I use a SaaS provider that also uses SES to send emails as my domain. For this reason, I need multiple TXT Values for the single TXT Name of _amazonses.

What’s the correct syntax to use in Cloudflare to accomplish this? I can put a space between the Values and do the same with a comma. I can also surround each value by double-quotes.

Putting one value on one line and the second on another line doesn’t seem to work. I’m curious what the recommended way is. Thank you!

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Shouldnt that work?

Hi Sandro,

I am allowed to do enter them that way. I read that, since it’s being used for SPF, only the one entry for the given domain will be detected and the rest will be ignored. Is that incorrect? I just took what I read at face value.

Thanks for your help!!!

Are we talking about a TXT record for SPF or something Amazon specific? I’d simply try it with individual TXT records first.

Can you post what you want to set up?

Hi Sandro,

My need is specific to multiple TXT records for _amazonses. I’m supplied a random string by Amazon. It doesn’t include spf; or anything, but I thought the record basically did the same thing. It’s very possible that the way you described is perfectly fine for Amazon and I read too much into a knowledge article somewhere.

Thank you again!

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As I said, I’d try first with individual records.

I sure will! Thanks Sandro. :grinning:

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