Multiple TXT records but only 1 returned

We have multiple TXT records for several of our domains but Cloudflare only returns 1 of them. This happens on all of our sites.


Is anybody else experiencing this?

If you are talking about DKIM records, somehow they don’t show, you need different tools to verify them. Please see:

It is DKIM (TXT) and also custom TXT records like ‘google-site-verification’ that are not returned. Nothing except our SPF (TXT) records are shown.

Google site verification TXT records should show. But DKIM records somehow never show when I look for them using regular DNS checker. But you can use several online DKIM checkers and they will reveal them.

There is this record: 299 IN TXT "Y6qeQwce0igIB0f-pwF24xq8KkB8FMYFbyNRGKOJ53A"

It’s at the subdomain google-site-verification and has the value “Y6qeQwce0igIB0f-pwF24xq8KkB8FMYFbyNRGKOJ53A”. But that’s not how the record is supposed to be set.


My bad. We fixed it now adding it at the root @. Thanks for the pointers :wink:

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