Multiple Tunnels Same Server

I did it with the dashboard and then copy pasted some stuff it gave me and then pressed enter in the cli. I also updated the cloudflared I set up on it a month ago so yay for me but I’ll try out the egress as that seems a lot less ■■■■ to deal with and I’d like it to just work. I appreciate the reply and the assistance.

OK I get what I have to do but I’m still pretty confused. The documentation doesn’t say go here do this done. Go here done. Handled. I’m a bit new at this but I’ll try and figure this out myself before anyone ads a reply. Its’ just so not clear. They need to make their documentation for old people.

—I can’t edit my post which is lame. I get that I’m new.

I added a public hostname in the tunnel that was created previously. Our hostnames are now

jelly dot merrikkka dot com (guess I can’t include links)

epub dot merrikkka dot com

and I put the port and everything else as I did in the previous one that just worked. The jellyfin one. I checked the DNS and yes it did add some weird nonse to the records for CNAME

jelly 77c9f798-31f7-40fd-99ed-d8f2aba3b8b0 dot cfargotunnel dot com proxied auto

epub 77c9f798-31f7-40fd-99ed-d8f2aba3b8b0 dot cfargotunnel dot com proxied auto

the thing is it just doesn’t go to epub dot merrikkka dot com then send it to the computer that’s running the thing. I tried fanagling with some egress nonsense and I get a:

Bad gateway – Error code 502

What happened?

The web server reported a bad gateway error.

page that says that Cloudflare is indeed working but the server is being dumb because I can’t figure it out.

That’s where I’m at right now. It’s definitely a confusing beast this Cloudflare. They need a tool that tells you what you did wrong.

this you did a link thing is also odd