Multiple tunnels on the same server

Hi, I am using the ZeroTrust Tunnels, and it has been working for a couple of days correctly.
For context, I have an HTTPs web service running ( and a SSH tunnel (, both working.

This morning I was trying to connect to the SSH and got rejected because it was “down”, I tried many things and ended up reinstalling the cloudflared service. Once I did this, the SSH started working correctly but the HTTPs tunnel went down, and can’t make it work again.

Any suggestions on what should I look at or if this is a paid service?

I configure all the tunnels in here Cloudflare One and just follow the instructions given in the process.

You want to use the same tunnel, only one tunnel per server, and simply configure it with both Public Hostnames. You can have the HTTPS Public Hostname, and the TCP/SSH Public Hostname on the same tunnel.

This limitation is just how tunnels work, they run as a service and there can only be one instance of that service (at least automatically, you could, if you really needed, make multiple tunnel services manually), it’s more efficient to reuse the same tunnel/connections anyway.

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Thanks, this was it!


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