Multiple Tunnels on one machine


I was running an old vesion of Cloudflared from 2022.

When I logged into Zero Trust it wanted me to upgrade. After uninstalling and reinstalling the new version, I cant find any information on how to make two tunnels work at the same time.

Can somebody please point me to documentation or have a solution to run 2 tunnels with this new Cloudflared version?

My current version: cloudflared version 2023.1.0 (built 2023-01-16-0851 UTC)

I tried to just set up the second tunnel but it complained:

sudo cloudflared service install *****************

“cloudflared service is already installed at /etc/systemd/system/cloudflared.service; if you are running a cloudflared tunnel, you can point it to multiple origins, avoiding the need to run more than one cloudflared service in the same machine; otherwise if you are really sure, you can do cloudflared service uninstall to clean up the existing service and then try again this command”