Multiple Tunnel Replicas - Chosen at random?

I’m currently using the Zero Trust platform for small company. I use the Warp client on all laptops.

For some third party applications, I need a fixed outbound IP, so I’m running multiple copies of the same Cloudflare Tunnel on Linode VPS’ in different locations and then routing outbound traffic via the tunnel for specific destination IP ranges. This works flawlessly.

I’m based in the UK and use UK-based VPS’. I have a new third party vendor that is based in New Jersey, so I was going to spin up a new VPS in the NJ region, so that my outbound traffic uses the CF network before egressing close to the destination, rather than the public internet.

I realise that this might not work as I hope. Given 3 running copies of a Cloudflare Tunnel in different locations, is there any kind of intelligence when it comes to choosing one to route traffic to/out from or are they chosen at random?

Currently no, replicas of the same Tunnel are chosen randomly (and not necessarily in a uniform way).

This will be added to the docs under soon (CC @abe ).

This feature request is not new to our product team. Maybe one day it will be supported, who knows.

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Understood, thank you for confirming. Honestly, it’s an amazing product so happy to work around until the feature is added.

Keep up the good work!


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