Multiple subdoamins with DDNS


I’m currently hosting a website on a hosting service. Also, I’m currently hosting another website on my local computer for the subdomain of my main domain name. I configured the Cloudflare DDNS service for my website that running on my pc via DNS-O-MATIC service. Currently, it’s running just fine. the current subdomain is like ( )

I just want to host more websites on my local computer but I want to how can I set up the DDNS service for the second website. Currently, my dynamic IP update client is Marcs Updater and I’ve also included a screenshot of settings in the Marcs Updater client.

Screenshot 2021-08-05 205339

If there is anyone to resolve this problem that will be a great help.
Thank You.


Currently, I have a website on my local computer which connected to Cloudflare DDNS with DNS-O-MATIC. Is anyone know how to host multiple subdomains with Cloudflare, please?

This is a problem with that updater. Dynamic DNS is not a service Cloudflare offers, it’s just how a program utilizes the Cloudflare API to update DNS records automatically. That updater doesn’t offer updating multiple DNS records, so if you want to do that you’ll have to explore a different Dynamic DNS client or ask the maintainer to add this feature.


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