Multiple SPF records for Shopify

We’ve had a few instances where mail from 2 of our Shopify stores (we have a multi store set up) aren’t getting through to customers. They all run on the same domain but on different subdomains.

We have the following TXT record:
v=spf1 [***] [***] ~all

where *** are other includes/SPF records.

Shopify now say we have to add the following as well:

does anyone have any experience with this? From what I’ve read we should be fine with shops.myshopify and I’m hesitant to add unnecessary records. It would also go over the 250 character limit.

Many thanks for any help!

I am afraid the forum here is not the ideal place to ask that question as it is not Cloudflare related. Your service provider needs to tell you which hosts to include. If they say you have to additionally include the six mentioned hosts, you will have to do that.

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