Multiple site on Single Domain?

New to cloudflare here.

I have multiple apps and website on a single domain

  1. www.domain main website
  2. y.domain is the admin panel for user
  3. api.domain is the backend server.

I cannot find any options in cloudflare to manage them separately.

For example under “Speed test” option, it automatically test www.domain. How can I also test y.domain ?

Where can I key in all these sub domains, manage the http/https options etc?

What do you mean by “manage”?

The settings in the dashboard are generally setting a default for all proxied traffic in a zone. If you need to change these on a per hostname basis you can create a page rule that matches a subdomain, path, protocol etc.

Pardon the terms I used.

I was expecting a different cache setting, speed test setting, firewall setting, Network setting (e.g allow websocket for one website but not the other) for each individual website separately.

So I can only use Page rules to “filter” different subdomain settings? Though those options seems very miminium.

Speed Test was fun when it was new, and still gives a rough idea of what’s going on, but I use the external ones for better measurements. fastorslow gtmetrix, webpagetest, etc.

They really should all be HTTPS.

As for rules, they’ve been evolving lately to more specialized uses. And the new ones on the scene are more generous than Page Rules.

Cache settings can be set at the origin:

Firewall Rules can handle most of this. I generally go with the default WAF, but can make some changes with Firewall Rules.

It sounds like you have a wide variety of use cases. How are you managing them currently?

Thank you very much. Managed to play around and understand a little more about Cloudflare (and many incidents because all my DNS were proxied when they are not www… ).

I was looking to caching my application but turn out it wasn’t good solution for me since minimum cache @ edge is 2 hours for the free account and got to pay a lot to get it down to minutes.

It’s a good DNS manager though. I just switch all my domains DNS to Cloudflare and see how it goes.


do you know if I can does Respect Existing Header under caching is for Edge caching or Browser Caching? I need to find out how to turn off edge caching for my websites, so I can still use Cloudflare proxy + bot protection.

You can set a Page Rule to match ** with a Cache Level of “Bypass”.

I’m a little confused about the Edge Caching (2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes depending on plans).

I read about Edge Caching TTL being set in Page Rules. If I don’t set page rules, will it be cached at all?

Most CDN will cache base on max-age or expire directives. If I set max-age=3600 and I’m on the free plan, will the CDN cache it for 3600s or will it cache for 2 hours?

Also, if I set s-maxage=3600, will it be cached for 3600s or will it be cached for 2 hours base on free plan?

I’m asking because my pages are dynamic, js and images are also dynamic. I use customised cache control headers for different files and do not want it to be cached for 2 hours fixed.

The Cache Level of “Bypass” means don’t cache at all?

How about if I set s-maxage=300, does it get cache for 300s?


If you’re talking about Edge Cache TTL, I don’t think you can go below the minimum. I’m pretty sure Cloudflare will go with the higher of the two: maxage or what Cloudflare has set for the resource.