Multiple servers for CDN network


we have 12 servers worldwide and I want to create loadbalacing and failover for them + GeoDNS based on client location.

Does somebody have experience with creating that large CDN network with Cloudflare? For example how to create policy DNS routing based on geolocation of client?

Thank you.

The most straightforward way to do this is utilizing Cloudflare load balancers with geo steering. This allows you to create pools containing one or more servers and associate them with particular geographic regions. The load balancing is based on the Cloudflare POP the user connects to rather than the geo of the user themselves (if a user in China hit a POP in Los Angeles you’d likely want them to hit a server near the LA POP rather than making a connection back across the Pacific to retrieve data anyway).

Self serve plans can use the pre-built Cloudflare topologies in geo steering, Enterprise customers can use the API to create a per POP mapping if they want to get really fancy (if you really want the extra control).

In theory you can do the same thing in Cloudflare workers, but load balancing includes health checks and other advanced features which makes implementing much simpler in my experience.

Thank you for your reply. Still need to find how that DNS works on Cloudflare.

I have one domain and wanna to deploy for example 4 servers. I just create DNS in Cloudflare dashboard for each server with same name but different IP or how does that work?

Rest is fine. I just need to setup loadbalancing and if one server failes, next one will go online after some heartbeat check. Right?

The first link below describes how to create a load balancer with failover (you assign a LB with a DNS name it will represent and then add servers to pools). Then in your scenario you would assign pools to geographic regions to provide the geo routing/ steering you’re looking for.

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