Multiple servers behind single Cloudflare tunnel?

Hi everyone, please bear with me, I am just getting acclimated to Cloudflare tunnels…

My setup is that I have cloudflared running in a docker container on a qnap nas. I have 1 app/service on the local NAS, plex, that is working well via the tunnel. I can access it just fine from outside the home network. Easy to setup, and it works.

I have another PC running windows with Remote Desktop (RDP). Is it possible to simply add another public hostname on the existing tunnel, and allow remote access through this same tunnel?

I tried it, and it just doesn’t work. I am able to remotely access this PC when I open a hole in my firewall with NAT and port address translation. I prefer to use the tunnel though.

Do I need to setup a separate tunnel on the windows PC for this to work?

Are multiple servers behind a single tunnel even possible?

Thanks everyone!

How did you connect with RDP from the client?
Should follow

I followed that guide exactly, it just doesn’t work. I’m wondering if the qnap is interfering with communication between docker container and the local network.

Everything I’m reading indicates this is supported functionality.

Maybe I should try moving the tunnel to the windows pc…