Multiple rules in Email Forwarding feature

First off, thanks for the Email Forwarding beta. This does a lot with a simple interface. What a feature!

The blog announcing the Email Forwarding Beta mentioned support for multiple rules. However, as it stands today, I couldn’t figure out how to add more than one rule, either “send to” or “drop”. There was no way, for example, to send to multiple email addresses.

If this capability isn’t in the works, I’d like to request it. Forwarding to multiple addresses is a must-have.

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Already discussed here:

As in Page Rules, Transform Rules, and Firewall Rules, each “Match” is a rule. In this case, each inbound email address is a Rule.

The other topic is closed, so I’ll reply here. I have also hit this limitation. The user interface allows me to create two entries for e.g. [email protected] each one forwarding to a different email address (e.g. gmail and hotmail). However only one of them ever gets delivered (in my case it was the second one I created). I want it for cases where only one email address is allowed, but I want emails to go to both me and my wife (e.g. a school mailing list that only allows one email address).

For something to silently fail like this is not ideal. Hopefully the future will have monitoring where it will warn us about destinations that are timing out, being rejected, etc., but also that it will do internal health-checks, i.e. “you told me to deliver mail to this address, but I didn’t”.

Thanks for what will hopefully be a wonderful service. I love how it only adds one entry to the headers.


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