Multiple Reports Made to no success

Hello everyone.

Now. I am not making this because I haven’t gotten a response. I know Cloudflare does not send out personal responses. But my issue is I have been reporting the same site consecutively for over 7 months now I have reported it around everything 3 months out of those 7. The site is redacted Cloudflare is the hosting provider and also the registrar the site goes against Cloudflare’s own TOS. I previously reported a site by a VERY similar name to redacted Which Cloudflare took down the same. content that was on that site is the exact same content that is on this one. Multiple agency’s have told me to report it to the hosting provider but its hard when I have been to no success. so is there somewhere else i can report this to that Cloudflare will listen to.


Reporting sites, regardless whichever reason you may have, won’t be something that the Cloudflare Community can assist you with.

I will therefore suggest you to use this form, to report the it to the Trust and Safety team, if you believe there are anything that the Cloudflare Trust and Safety team can, or should be able to do about it:

If you’ve been reporting through the official form, as mentioned above, you should be receiving an automated reply, which should be holding a ticket number.

Cloudflare won’t be receiving reports that you’re sending (directly) to hosting providers.

Somewhere else than the above form mentioned above? No.

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