Multiple recipients for email forwarding?

I currently use a third-party service for simple email forwarding ( I’d love to use Cloudflare’s email routing beta for that, but there’s one missing feature. There doesn’t appear to be a way to have one email address forward to multiple recipients (say, “[email protected]” that forwards to a half-dozen other folks). I don’t need the full complexity of a mailing list, just the ability to create small ad-hoc “mailing lists” in the forwarding interface.

If that’s already possible, it’s not clear how to specify the multiple recipients. I think the most common way to do it is just by comma-separating them all, since that’s what you could do if you ran your own teensy mail server and just put it in /etc/aliases or similar.


@user14742 It’s on our roadmap but it’s not supported at the moment.


I thought my approach was working. Maybe I need to re-test it.

@sdayman if it’s the same custom address I would expect to only forward it to the first one.

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It looks like you’re correct. In my previous test, I don’t think the first address was confirmed, so it sent it to the second address only.

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