Multiple policies?

Hello - very new to CF Zero trust. I have tunnels setup and can access my private network from outside my home. It works great. I would now like to increase the security.

My home public IP never changes. So when I access my services from my home computer, I don’t want any additional CF authentication to happen… but if I access my services from say my work, or the airport, I want to have the email policy work.

How do I properly set that up?


I have two policies in my application. One to BYPASS for my Home IP group, and one to ALLOW my email addresses:

(I didn’t quite name my email policy the same as my email group, so it’s a bit confusing)

I’ll give a similar setup a try and see what happens. Thanks!

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Actually maybe one last question… How do I ensure my mobile phone is ALWAYS permitted to access some of my apps? No matter what public IP it has…?