Multiple origin servers differentiated by URL path?

I’ve been asked to look into whether Cloudflare is capable of supporting the following scenario (possibly via Workers?):

We want to use Cloudflare as a reverse proxy server to a number of origin servers, directing traffic to the origin servers based on the path of the original request. For example, somebody requesting example dot com or example dot com/foo would see content provided by origin server #1, but somebody requesting example dot com/xyzzy would see content provided by origin server #2.

Any suggestions welcome!

(apologies for “example dot com”; because I’m new to Cloudflare Community I’m not allowed to “post more than two links”)


In case I’ve not been clear, here’s a diagram I’ve adapted from my briefing document.

It’s definitely possible.

Take a look at these two examples (they are in the older version of the docs, but they are still valid).

This is some info on the new documentation.

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