Multiple nameservers / DNS providers

Hello everyone, I’m back here with another question today, which I haven’t figured out of yet.
I’ve spent some time finding out how to use multiple name servers, and now that I (believe I) found out
how to add multiple name servers, Cloudflare has given me an error.

I have a total of 10 name servers right now, but even though it exceeds the “limit” I doubt Cloudflare shouldn’t work because of it. Cloudflare tells me to remove these name servers
but the problem is that I don’t use those at all.

These are the following name servers that I have set up in Namecheap, (and on the other DNS providers)

I have used several DNS tools to check the DNS setup for any errors, and all the nameservers that I have set up, are displayed, and none of them include “” and “”, so I am a bit confused. The websites have also told me that everything seems right except some SOA records, but I have looked on StackOverflow and they say it isn’t a problem.

My question pretty much is if Cloudflare supports multiple name servers, or if they are the only DNS provider I can use at a time.

EDIT: It also appears that workers are working on the domain, so if the nameservers aren’t pointing to Cloudflare, I’m wondering how they work at all.

I am not sure why you have that many nameservers :wink: but that cant really work. Particularly not in a Cloudflare context.

Remove everything but the two Cloudflare nameservers.

So Cloudflare does not support multiple nameservers? That’s a bit unfortunate, because I would like to avoid single points of failure. But I appreciate your help :smiley:

It is not about nameservers. I doubt your setup could work even if you are not using Cloudflare.

As far as Cloudflare specifics are concerned however, you can only and exclusively use Cloudflare nameservers. If you have others listed your domain will be eventually removed from Cloudflare.

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