Multiple Name Servers and SSL Delays

I’m having the same issue , someone help, please

Support Ticket #1481469

Which issue are you having? And for act domain?

It’s been 24 Hours and I’m still getting the message

"tatus: Website not active (DNS modification pending) "


And i double checked my DNS And everything is correct

  1. It can take up to 48 hours for full DNS propagation. DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool says it’s not quite there yet.
  2. You should only be using Cloudflare name servers. Additional name servers, such as BYET, will give inconsistent results.

The BYET name servers are on for my Host, so I cant remove them because my domain provider and my hosting are different so I need those additional ones for a website to work. So do I have to remove them for the SSL to work or should I wait for 48 hours to pass?

I wouldn’t guarantee stuff won’t break if you mix name servers. You should be able to add whatever DNS records you need from BYET into your DNS records here.

Hmm… what do you mean by I should be able to add BYET DNS Into my DNS Record here? Is there a link you pointing me to or? :neutral_face:

You say you need to keep the BYET name servers for a website to work. Is that website part of the modderslab domain?

When you set up Cloudflare for a domain, it scans your DNS and tries to copy everything you need for your domain. Then you stop using your old name servers. If there are any DNS entries for modderslab on BYET that aren’t in your Cloudflare DNS tab, you need to add them. Then stop using BYET as a name server for modderslab.

Yeah the BYTE server name are apart of it I had to add them in order for my domain name to be able to connect to my hosting provider because like I said before my domain name provider is different from my hosting. So I’m sure if I removed the BYTE name servers then my domain won’t connect to my hosting which means the website won’t work. And under the DNS Tab I got this

@sdayman Can you take a look at my reply above :slight_smile:

DNS is what connects your domain to your hosting. Hosting providers by default keep their own copy of DNS, but you usually aren’t forced to use it.

You need to copy all your DNS records from your host provider over to your Cloudflare DNS. And then stop using BYET as a name server.

If you can’t remove the extra BYET name servers for your domain, then you won’t be able to use Cloudflare.

well, I removed the site from Cloudflare and tried to add it again and then I came across this issue

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