Multiple MX from multiple mail server on cloudflare

Hello to the community,

my registrar is namecheap + 5 mail box privateemail
my site is hosted on Ionos + 5 mail box ionos
more one an external page on contanbo +5 mail box

My domain has a name server configured on cloudflare.
namecheap’s privateemail MX record is configured on cloudflare with cname pointing to
everything is working fine so far.

the problem is that when I add the MX record of Ionos and Contanbo mailboxes on Cloudflare it doesn’t work error 550 - 550 5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table
how can i do it? do you have an idea please?
thanks in advance

You can have only one mail server for any email domain ( You can’t (EDIT: I left off the 't before) scatter usernames across different servers.

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ok understood, Thank you for your help.

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