Multiple isolated VLAN's access

My office network has multiple isolated VLAN’s that DO NOT talk to each other.
TEST VM’s are deployed across these VLAN’s (

I need to allow employees working from home or remote to access these VM’s by either RDP or SSH or VNC

I installed cloudflared service on one VM on each VLAN so that each subnet is available to authorised group.

However, in the tunnel only 1 connector is displayed and users installing WARP client can connect to only to 1 VLAN

Am I missing anything. I dont want remote team members to play around with multiple accounts etc.

I think what you’re looking for is called virtual networks:

You should create multiple tunnel connectors for each VLAN, each tunnel connector is going to route to different subnets.


Thanks a lot, Will check with multiple tunnels. However, on the warp side, how will two tunnels work - I mean how the user can switch easily?

Here are more details on my previous text.
I configured 2 tunnels
However in the iOS app of Warp I see only one Virtual Network named “default”.
Plus the “Virtual Location” switching option is hidden deep inside in iOS app (document says its will be Settings > Gateway with WARP > Virtual Networks)

Here are some screen shots that may help you investigate the issue (Because new users are allowed to embed only 1 screen shot per post - Will be splitting in 2 more posts)

Screen shot 2

This is screen shot 3

Yep that looks fine. Those tunnels are connected and will route traffic to their respective CIDR ranges.


Thank you @cscharff

Is there any document that can restrict a part of network based on Groups?

Yes using network policies.

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