Multiple IP on same subdomain

Hello, I have a subdomain
I added two entry of this hel subdomain with different IPs. Example:

Will it give output for both IPs? Or only one IP will work? Can one subdomain has multiple IPs?

If your DNS proxy status is :grey:, DNS query to will return both IPs.

Otherwise, with proxy status on :orange:, DNS query to will always return Cloudflare IPs and the real IP address will be invisible.

It is not proxy then but which IP will work? These are my two servers IP. I can see that only first entry is working. Second entry is not opening. If one server is down then website will open with second server? If both server is online then only first entry will work? It will not open both servers one by one automatically? For some users it opens server1 and for some users it opens server2, it is not possible?

I think this might answer your question because the question in context is not Cloudflare-specific:

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